The Pipe Traveler

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A simple, yet necessary accessory for pipe smokers everywhere.  The Pipe Traveler is our take on an accessory as old is the tobacco pipe hobby itself.  Made of soft leather* of the highest quality, the Traveler has two compartments partitioned to protect your pipe from dings and scratches.  Simply store your small to average size pipe in one compartment and pipe tool, lighter/matches, and small about of tobacco in the other.  Fastened with a snap strap enclosure that doubles as a pipe stand.  

The Pipe Traveler Deluxe comes with a mini leather tray to aid in filling your pipe. The same brilliant design that's changed the way you prep your pipe (and not to mention saved your wife's clean counter tops), now in pint size form (3.5" x 6"), and it slides easily in the back pocket of the Traveler Deluxe.  Now you can safely store everything you need in one compact place for easy travel.

* Color type of leather may vary depending on available stock.

* Pouch measures approximately 4.5" x 8"

* Made to order, typically ships in 1-2 weeks.

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