Leather Gun Mat

Precio habitual $60.00

Made from the same heavy 9-10oz oil/wax tanned *leather, our leather gun mats will protect your table or counter top from scratches and carbon  debris while cleaning your hand guns. The extra large 12”x18” surface gives you plenty of space to lay out your parts as you disassemble your fire arm. Made from heavy full grain leather, this gun mat should out last any of the foam and rubber mats on the market. The rustic finish of the hide will just look better and more rugged the more you use it. Available with any of our stock stamps (all military branch seals, police, fire, Don’t Tread On Me, 3%er, Oregon, Pacific Wonderland, VW Bus, and new Molon Labe) 

* Based on availability, the leather used in our gun mats may be slightly different in color or finish than in the pictures, however the quality and weight will not differ.  We choose leather specifically based on it's durability and ability to withstand the harsh treatment of oils and solvents.  Regardless of treatment, however, leather is a porous and natural material and is therefore susceptible to scratches and stains.  While it will resist water, harsh chemicals, such as solvents may damage the surface appearance of the leather.  We recommend treating the leather regularly with a quality leather conditioner/balm and wipe the leather clean immediately following your weapons maintenance or when heavy spills occur.  While leather may look nice in photos etc., the main purpose of the leather mat is to protect the finish of your gun parts as well as the work surface (table/counter top).  Maintaining a "like new" appearance should not be expected.

**As all orders are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. We will make every effort to ship your items as soon as possible, but we are a small family operated business, so please me patient and thank you for your support!

*** Please note that leather is a natural material. Imperfections, especially on our “rustic” leathers should be expected, including cattle brands. 

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