To stand out in the crowd of leather patch hat companies and to keep with our mantra of not making anything we wouldn't want to wear or use ourselves, we take a slightly different, and in-depth approach to our trucker hats.  To start, we don't heat press or glue any of our patches.  No self-respecting leather craftsmen would slap some glue between two pieces of leather an call it good. 

Every hat we sell is stitch by hand on industrial machines with heavy duty above upholstery weight thread.  Though the hat may wear out over years of sweaty everyday use, our patches are guarantied never to come off like the companies that just use glue and a heat press. 

If that wasn't enough, after laser engraving or hand stamped with our debossing stamps, each individual patch is hand stained with our signature brown stain (standard) or stain color of your choice.  The classic burst effect of our signature stain makes our hats stand out above the competition of plain jane pre-dyed or unfinished leather.  Then we give them a thin topcoat designed to resist UV fading and water damage.  Don't settle for fake leather or a boring generic look when you deserve a hat as unique and special as the head it proudly sits on.

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