Leather Trays

The Leather Pipe Tray, by Agape Custom Leather, is designed for the pipe smoker.  Its unique design and functionality allows the user a surface over which to load their tobacco pipe without making a mess on the counter, table, lap, car, you name it; we've all lost precious tobacco while performing this crucial pipe smoking function.  Once the pipe is loaded, the tray folds easily allowing you to funnel the excess tobacco back into its container.  The tray also serves as a protective barrier between your pipe, its hot ash, and whatever surface you're relaxing at.  It's lightweight, rugged, made from hand stretched and shaped genuine American leather.  Use it to neatly hold your pipe, tamper, lighter, etc. while enjoying your pipe without worrying about the mess you're going to have to clean up when all is said and done.  The large tray comes with a separate compartment to hold your pipe, tamper, pipe cleaners, etc. and give you a little more room while you prep your tobacco on the 6"x6" main area.

All trays are airbrushed for the thinnest coat possible with a high quality leather dye and then lightly buffed with carnauba wax to help protect the leather and seal in the dye. 

BONUS FEATURE: When it's not acting as an ingenious pipe smoking accessory, the Tobacco Tray doubles as a stylish bedside valet to hold your wallet, keys, and various other pocket dumps.

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